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Learn about Speech Therapy services options offered in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Speech therapy is a solution for people with speech disorders. Speech Therapy is common in children and adults with complex issues. There are numerous speech abnormalities to search for, and depending on the disorder, IRHC offers particular exercises and activities. We are assisting you through video call therapy session and for more complex speech disorder at home therapy.

When a speech therapist visits your home, he will examine the disorder and analyses the customized therapy sessions for you. This will include ways of interaction by communication and playing and the majority of times there will be involvement of book reading.

We will make sure no complicated things hit you but it will always be according to your ease and comfort level that will help in your progress. Speech disorders are not one but there are a few to take notice of if your family is suffering.

The second primary concern of the patient might be how long the process would take, and there is no specific answer. It depends on the factors and progress of the patients and it is always different in kids and adults.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services

More about Speech Therapy services we offer

Speech therapy is far more involved and addresses a variety of concerns in addition to speech difficulties. The Best Speech therapist In Islamabad will make sure that our patients have pace and space of thinking even if it is a little. Exploring their thoughts will help them in understanding things better and we urge them to communicate what they feel. We deal in the area of dyslexia, autism, shuttering, and many other speech disorders.

There is no basic explanation that will answer the question of why speech disorders happen but basic therapy include communication. Communicating with patients will help connect at a deeper level and there will not be a vague path of solutions. Thinking and communication combined with social language will serve the patients right and effectively.

At-home speech therapy will make sure that patients feel safe in their natural environment and participate in activities in energized form. Those who struggle with speech difficulties find that it lowers their self-esteem,

we put our all efforts and trust in your homes. Receiving speech treatment at home will help them to be stimulated in various ways and ensure that they recover quickly. We also provide video speech therapy treatment sessions for the people living far off from our therapist reach.

Dyslexia Session - IRHC


People with dyslexia have problems breaking up words and issues with learning. They have problems with identifying speech sounds and cannot decode sentences.

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Speech Therapy Center can play an important role in it because therapists have experience in how to tackle reading and sounds problem. Our speech therapist has several years of experience in phonological skills and will provide training like forming the words and helping them read fluently.

Aphasia (Stroke) - IRHC

Aphasia (Stroke)

Aphasia disorder purely affects the way you communicate and speak. This can be diagnosed after a stroke or head injury. Speech Therapy Services At Home 

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Speech Therapy Services At Home will help with aphasia by aiming to restore most of the speech as possible. Speech therapists have patience and will communicate with you at your best level. Few apps and reading forms of activities will build a foundation for them.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - IRHC

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a disability where there is a difference in the brain, studies say that it can be genetic. People with this disorder behave, communicate and learn in different ways.

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Speech Therapy In Rawalpindi connects with people emotionally and since speech therapy helps in communication, this can play a vital role here too. The therapist will make sure that their patient responds and strengthening the muscles will create clear sounds.

Stuttering Session - IRHC


Stuttering also means fluency disorder and this is developed in childhood. IRHC mentions that our therapist will make the prolonged word easier to pronounce in a few sessions only.

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Speech therapy will slow down your speech and make sure you follow their pattern. This service will ensure that the muscles of the mouth are stretched and natural speech is in form. 

Dysarthria - IRHC


Dysarthria happens when there is a speck problem due to brain damage. One of the symptoms is unable to control the muscles of speech.

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Speech therapy can improve control over speech muscles and help you communicate better. The Best Speech therapist In Islamabad says that our therapist will target a few areas like slurred words and make them better. The exercise will make your lips move.

Hearing Impaired - IRHC

Hearing Impaired

Hearing impaired means loss of hearing to some extent, it can be mild and lead to severity. It is permanent and patients can depend on others completely. 

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Speech Therapy Center says that our therapist will help with self-confidence and mental state. They will provide them with tasks that will give them exposure to being independent.

Voice Disorders - IRHC

Voice Disorders

Voice disorder means that change in how the voice sounds and it can be developed by anyone. One of the fastest ways to make this diagnosis better is through Speech Therapy Services At Home.

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Speech therapy is a comprehensive program that includes exercises to help the vocal cords repair when the patient’s voice has changed. If there is a mild voice disorder speech therapy will make sure it will not lead to the severity and will be safe.

Swallowing disorders - IRHC

Swallowing disorders

Swallowing disorder means that some people can merely swallow or cannot swallow at all due to pain. Even if it is liquids they find it very difficult and speech therapy is your solution.

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Speech Therapy In Rawalpindi will get you a therapist that will exercise the swallowing muscles which will make it easier for them to swallow. Our exercises will bring relief in just a few therapy sessions.

Articulation Errros Session - IRHC

Articulation Errors

Articulation errors mean people are unable to produce sound whether the context is middle or at the beginning. IRHC says that it can get with speech therapy services

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IRHC says that it can get with speech therapy because our therapist will focus on the clarity of words and train the patients according to it. Articulation mistakes may be permanent, but with the help of our highly qualified therapist, they can improve and problematic sounds won’t be noticeable.

Cleft Lip Session - IRHC

Cleft Lip

A cleft lip happens by birth when tissue is unable to join completely. This can automatically give them the problem with speech and the Best Speech therapist In Islamabad 

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Best Speech therapist In Islamabad says that it can be treated by speech therapy. Our speech therapy will help significantly by improving speech problems and referring to good sound production. This can be linked to articulation error but articulation will get better too. 

Drooling Management Session - IRHC

Saliva/Drooling Management

Saliva drooling doesn’t happen intentionally. When the mouth muscles are weak it will cause drooling unintentionally and the production of too much saliva.

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Speech Therapy Center says that it can get better when started at an early age because our therapist will perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles and the results will be there in a couple of sessions. Speech therapy will give you more grip on tongue mobility during swallowing.

Delayed Speech & Language Disorder Session - IRHC

Delayed Speech

Delayed speech means that a child cannot communicate at an expected age. This can problems with the child putting words together and pronouncing them.

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Speech therapy is needed when this is expected and our therapist will talk to them and do simpler reading that will benefit them at an initial stage. Speech Therapy Services at home is ideal for regaining the responses from the child.

Discover the benefits of At-Home Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is not only linked with communication problems but it is vast and deals in a variety of portions. Speech therapy helps people to communicate better at their own pace and not jumble the words together.

Any kind of speech disorder will need exercises that will improve the muscles contractions of the mouth and jaws. Speech therapy services in Rawalpindi is playing a crucial role and helping patients to break down the blockade and enable them to live freely.

Our services can be customized according to the patient’s needs and one of the goals of speech therapy is to create a better understanding of the words. We all know that when people are suffering they want to have a hideout but in this case, speech therapy is equally important as the anxiety level they contain.

At-home speech therapy services proves that people have less anxiety and are not in a panic state when their session begins. . The idea of consulting a different medical facility can be daunting. Home therapy helps to relieve this stress.

Speech therapy appointments require going to a location and waiting in a waiting area. You can start right away when your therapist shows up at your home. There is no need to wait for the front desk support to check you in and direct you to your therapy room.

Female Appointment Member - IRHC




Find out what additional medical conditions speech therapy can assist with

Speech therapy is crucial while trying to express yourself. People with speech difficulties find it difficult to comprehend others, which affects their daily lives and may be harmful to their mental health.

IRHC mentions that people with speech disorders find it hard to bounce back and often there are not resilient.

Speech therapy doesn’t play only a part in pronouncing words and correcting the syllables but de facto assisting patients in developing a solid mental health and making them ready to face the world.

Numerous activities are based on how they explore the world in their meaning, and our treatments are beneficial in both cases. In this way, therapists have a formal idea of which direction to opt for with certain patients.

All the activities and exercises are customized according to the specific disorder and how well the patient is responding.

Our therapist will make sure that you are in a better position in a few weeks and there is no other alternative that will guarantee such results in a shorter period. We believe that at home speech therapy will serve you better and will make sure that you are availing all the benefits related to it.

Additional Medical Conditions Speech Therapy Services - IRHC
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