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IRHC deals in the area of speech therapy and physiotherapy and to assist our clients well, we offer home-based therapy sessions that are 45 minutes long every day of the week. Additionally, we guarantee that each patient receives a customized course of therapy. Speech therapy and physical therapy are not widely practiced in Pakistan, however, you may readily discover our Healthcare services, Home Nursing, and Hearing Solution in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. With our exceptional services and continuous guidance, we are fostering a culture of health.

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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy includes disorders like autism and shuttering and we deal with a variety of disorders in speech therapy. IRHC will ensure that our patients are understood and with home-based sessions, the progress will be swift. We are easily approached by any age and to increase patient communication to speak more readily.
Services Physiotherapy - IRHC


Physiotherapy is a need for a variety of health issues and it is not just related to regaining strength after an injury. IRHC is providing home-based sessions to ensure that our clients are individually taken care of. Physiotherapy sessions might be extended based on serious medical conditions to address patients' balance and movement problems.
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Home Nursing

IRHC is revolutionizing providing state-of-the-art home nursing services to their patients. Their dedication to serving humanity and elevating their well-being stands out as the number one healthcare platform in Pakistan. We are based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, providing excellent home nursing services catering clientele needs.
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Hearing Solutions

IRHC is the #1 Hearing solution clinic based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi that provides the best audiology services coupled with the best patient care. Experts at IRHC ensure comprehensive services from routine check-ups to specialized hearing treatments including hearing tests, repairs, hearing aids, and customizations.


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There aren’t many organizations that offer assistance or think speech and physical therapy are important, but IRHC is here to help. With the services of speech therapy and physiotherapy, a professional therapist is greatly required. These therapies are typically neglected and can make life difficult for such individuals. Our therapists are highly skilled, experienced professionals who train at the speed of our patient’s home care. In order to develop a new normal for our patients, our therapists will first assess the problematic area before moving forward with the sessions. Progressive results will appear gradually, and a positive outcome will be apparent.

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