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About - IRHC

About IRHC

The first home based Healthcare services, Home Nursing and Hearing Solution in Pakistan are called IRHC. Speech therapy and physiotherapy are not commonly practiced and are typically not taken seriously, But IRHC is a cutting-edge website that has brought attention to speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Anytime during the day, you can use the online booking system to access these services. With a wide range of illnesses treated in speech therapy and mobility concerns treated in physiotherapy, IRHC handles everything with encouraging outcomes. Additionally, our therapist will allow you to live and work according to your needs, allowing you to become independent and learn about yourself. In order to completely grasp your problems and how your current health affects every part of your life, we give you our undivided attention throughout every session.

Our Mission

IRHC site gives chance to people who are suffering from speech disorders and mobility issues. Our home base services make sure to keep this community healthy. Our therapies emphasize on welfare and safety of our patients. Some disorders are permanent but that doesn’t mean those people cannot have a healthy life. We ensure that our therapies provide our patients overcome any challenge. Our approach is not only to provide them with exercises but also to communicate and bring the best version of themself. Our therapies will modify their lifestyles and lift any restrictions.

Our Vision

IRCH helps those suffering from speech disorders and balance issues it is Marely impossible for this community to have an easier life in Pakistan due to lack of awareness but IRHC is providing this patient to have full potential for health and life. The main aim of IRHC is to bring hope, spread awareness, contribute to well-being, and provide home-based therapy services. We want our patients to have exceptional experiences and trusted therapists.

Our Values

Our utmost priority is the relationship with our patients and giving our best services to them. We offer cooperative and friendly therapists who will recognize the health condition and needs of the patients. We do superfluous steps to meet our patient’s expectations and we try to prefer innovative approaches when it comes to health. Speech therapy and physiotherapy are diverse care fields that minimum human error is acceptable. Each patient is complex in their way but we see beyond the complexity of the medical issue. 

Islamabad Rehabilitation Centre

To aid our patient's improvement, we provide home sessions.




Our Core Values

We treat your health as our only concern and to enhance your ability.

We provide professional therapists to treat you with quality care.

We want our patients to have home-based and timely access to our services.

We offer affordable, convenient, and reliable services at your doorstep.

Our Core Values

We treat your health as our only concern and to enhance your ability.

Your Heading Here

Your Heading Here

Your Heading Here

Learn about our interaction with patients

Patients are our top priority to us because we want them to have an easier life and reach every milestone. It can be hard to interact with speech disorders and mobility issue people but our therapists are trained to give sessions at their pace. IRHC is a site where everyone can receive benefits and we want to show our effective resources who trust us blindly. We instill patience and confidence in our patients and want them to feel positive about their flaws. Also to contribute to enhancing their ability and improve the overall health of our patients.

Learn more about our work environment

We actively seek growth because we want our patients’ sessions to go slowly. We would much rather see a little progress from our patients in a brief period than a protracted session with no growth. Our community is friendly and supportive of them so that they are aware of how to behave with their patients. Behind a single therapy session, there is a whole team is involved and wants to contribute to their lives.

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