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Home Nursing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

IRHC is revolutionizing providing state-of-the-art home nursing services to their patients. Their dedication to serving humanity and elevating their well-being stands out as the number one healthcare platform in Pakistan. We are based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, providing excellent home nursing services catering clientele needs.

Now say goodbye to solo care to patients at home while managing home or job duties. Let us deal with it with our trained nursing staff in the comfort of your home. With our top-notch standardized treatments we ensure to provide the best nursing care to your loved ones while sitting at home. Trust in IRHC, a platform that provides individual and professional care and personalized approaches. Moreover, our skilled staff not only provides the best care to your patients but also counsel the family about how to care in our absence.

Our professional home nursing care follows strict professional guidelines to cater to societal needs. Additionally, nurses and paramedical staff are well aware of diagnosis, care techniques, and methodologies for ongoing treatment. Our main goal is to provide convenience by releasing the stress of solo care at home.

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Home Nursing Services

General & Specialized Home Nursing Care as per requirement!

Home Nursing Services

General & Specialized Home Nursing Care as per requirement!

AT IRHC, our professionals offer structured and well-designed comprehensive techniques for home care. We offer general to specialized home nursing care that is custom-tailored to cater to the client’s needs. You will not need to worry about our treatment style, ensuring next-level care, emotional support, and boosted self-esteem by each individual. 

We assist with medications, personal care, elderly group care, post-operative care, ADL Care, Wound care, Mother and child care, palliative care, and more. Our team of special caregivers is here to help any round of the clock. With personalized and individual-based approaches, our caregiver plans vary from person to person which makes us more competitive in our domain. 

IRHC always takes a stand whether it is complex intensive care patients or general wound care; we ensure that you and your loved ones will be dealt with the best home nursing service. We do so to elevate the quality of life with our standardized treatment based on professional, reliable, and compassionate care at your convenience.  

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Home Nursing Care we offer

Our home nursing care service is a well-personalized plan that varies to the person’s needs. we have a diverse range of specialized caregiver approaches ensuring convenience, well-being and ease in your home settings. Moreover, our professionals designed the care giver model to specific medical conditions or other unique requirements. Such as, our skilled staff specializes in pediatric care, and supports elderly people with a range of disorders. For instance, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, aging disorders, or any medical ailments like paralysis. 

Our professionals are certified to deal with intensive medical health conditions while addressing adverse healthcare needs. We collaborate with families, doctors, and patients to make a repute build-up or a relation for effective caregiver plans. Then, design the comprehensive treatments for personalized care ensuring effective outcomes and improving health outcomes. 

IRHC Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Our professionals are dedicated to elderly care for a diverse range of medical ailments including immobility, medication, post-operative care, and improving quality of life.

IRHC Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care

We ensure to support a post-operative individual with pain management, wound care, medication, and focused individual treatments that are personalized to the client’s needs.

IRHC Palliative Care

Palliative Care

We make sure to provide palliative care for life limiting illness patients. Provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support with pain management assistance.

IRHC Mother and Child Care

Mother and Child Care

We offer a personalized approach for mother and child care after post-operative surgeries. With medication assistance, improving wellness and health at home.

IRHC Wound Care

Wound Care

We offer the best assistance for wound care including dressing, stitching, wound cleaning, and effective therapies for fast healing.


ADL Care

We assist with ADL care (assistance with Activities of daily living) that includes grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, and mobility to bring comfort and quality of life.

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Long lasting Home Nursing Care

Dealing with life-limiting, immobility, and ADL support care is quite a difficult thing. That is no more challenging for us. With our top-notch home nursing service, our skilled staff will understand your mental state and make a good relationship with you. Our staff possesses a positive attitude and body language to overcome these intensive care challenges. They are taught how to deal with aggressive patients, and tantrums handling, and also how to maintain the emotional well-being of patients. We have designed the latest psychological rehabilitation techniques to support the elderly and intensive care individuals in hard times. 

Moreover, our process is going on for a long duration of time. We are dedicated enough to stay by your side till you have successfully reached the level of quality of life. Our nursing home services are quite affordable than to booking a bed in a private hospital for nursing care. We will care for you in a home setting along with all medical aid and support if required. By collaborating with medical health professionals, we will design a personalized caregiver plan that will be effective and ensure to enhance your well-being, comfort, and quality of life. 

One more thing is that home care brings effectiveness, sustainability, and faster recovery than hospital settings. Because patients feel safe and secure and out of danger in a family that releases their stress level and boosts their confidence toward healthy life goals. Our nursing care is specialized and designed to support clients in overcoming the challenges, risks, and depression that occur during the illness phase. You will be safeguarded by 24-hour available medical attention with vital checks, enema, nebulizer, ECG monitoring, and sitz baths for the elderly and those in post-operative care.

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Short Term & Long Term Nursing Care

What we offer in short-term and long-term nursing care includes a personal care attendant who will monitor their vital signs, fever, medication assistance, mobility support, bathing, and toileting. Our basic nursing care is for those who are early discharged from hospitals and not in the state of management. So we are here, to provide them short-term nursing support until their illness doesn’t end. We’ll make sure to be available with you for follow-ups and check-ups, weekly, monthly, and until this illness does not end.  

To avoid panic for hospitalized patients coming home. it’s better to hire the best nursing care service, and plan before they reach home for post-hospital care and management. 

IRHC team based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is offering short-term to long-term nursing care service in the comfort of your home. Contact us for personalized nursing care services. We are one click away from you.

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